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BUY the entire CD for MP3's - Vietnam Remembered, Songs From The Heart: Phil Ferrazano

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Phil's songs all related to his own experiences. Some songs are just guitar and Phil singing. Bobby's Saigon Boogie was picked to be on Box set, Next Stop Is Vietnam. A collection of songs relating to the Vietnam War era. That set can be bought from: Bear Family Records. Outstanding book and music for collectors, and history teachers and for anyone interested in the Vietnam War history. Most songs are from well known artist as well as some being Vietnam veterams themselves that have recorded music.

Next Stop Is Vietnam - 13 cd Box set, By Bear Family records

The total history of Vietnam with 13 cd's and a over 300 page color book. Recordings from major recording artists are on this set. Songs of the era. Also two disc's are made up of just Vietnam Veteran song writers. My song, Saigon Boogie has been picked to be on one of the cd's. This is a project that has been in the works by Bear Family Records. A German company and leader in creating Box Sets. Country Joe, Of country Joe and the fish, is an advisor on the project. The set to be released, July 1, 2010. Check out Facebook, or visit, Bear Family Records for details and ordering information. Hoping this project has success. Great music and facts on the Vietnam war. Also a tribute to the many who served during that time. Phil Ferrazano
Next Stop Is Vietnam
Visit for all the songs by Phil Ferrazano, on his cd titled. Vietnam Remembered, Songs From The Heart. Also visit. www.Booklocker.Com on info about his book. Facing The Wall. An Infantryman's Man Post Vietnam Memoir. Book reviewed on. Bellaonline. A veteran's newspaper, by Evelyn Rainey.

Facing The Wall:An Infantryman's Post Memior. Including a six song cd written by the author, Honoring Veterans - Book & CD

Facing The Wall: An Infantryman's Post Vietnam Memoir, is a true story. Phil Ferrazano detailed his one year tour that included getting wounded in action in Cambdia, during the invasion. The struggles after being wounded seemed criminal how he was ordered back to a combat unit, after head wound, as well as back and shoulder. What followed when he returned home with the uncaring VA hospital and rating board during his next twenty something years was also criminal. The writer takes you on a very personal journey, often relating back to growing up during the 50's and 60's. Some veterans say it's a must read, others say reading the book saved their lives. Phil's Music CD is his own music written and recorded by Phil, in honor of those who fought and died for our country.
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You can order the music CD from and well as online music stores.

***ORDER THROUGH PHIL. Please email for mailing a signed book with a 6 song CD. $25.00 for both. OR Book alone--$23.00. CD alone $12.00 This Includes P and H. Also use PayPal if you'd like. They send info where to mail book and Cd off to. Thanks, Phil
Also at. and
Phil's site explains about the music and his story. He is a recipitent of, the, Purple Heart, Bronze Star with V device, Army Commendation Medal, C.I.B and Cross of Gallantry, Vietnam.
Facing The Wall by Phil Ferrazano
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Next Stop Is Vietnam is a box set by, Bear Family Records. Bobby's Saigon Boogie is on my 6 song CD as well being added to this great box set.

Facing The Wall:An Infantryman's Post Vietnam Memoir - Buy book: 14.99 plus 6.00 S& H. through Buy CD 10.00 plus 2.00 S&H from CDBABY.COM

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Buy book for 14.99 plus 6.00 S&H
Phil Ferrazano

Alamo Joe - novel

My book, Alamo Joe has been released. Visit to order. Or contact me as I do carry a supply. When I have orders I usually mail with a free music cd. Honors veterans. Written and recorded by me. Alone this CD can be ordered by CDBABY.COM or contact me. I'll be using my gmail. The aol is also active as well as


AlamoJoe, Phil Ferrazano. Vietnam and Camobia Invasion of 1970

Mu site covers about my two books. Facing The Wall, is my true life story on me in Vietnam and how I faced my fight against the VA for due justice.

Alamo Joe, is fiction but based on true facts and events. I tried to show the bravery of those who entered Cambodia during 1970. I twisted it along with the Alamo Battle. Fast paced, interesting story based around the antics of four soldiers who lived and planned things from a foxhole at night, while mortars were them in Cambodia.

My CD was written and recorded by me. My first visit to the Wall in DC triggered my music side and words were developed as I witnessed things going on around me with others. Songs inspired by true feelings and events. Produced in honor of those who fought and died for our country.