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Phil Ferrazano: News

Alamo Joe - February 11, 2019

<p>My novel let's the reader enter the Cambodian incusion of 1970. You'll get the feel of the attachment between men. Joe getting overcome with the mission starts to dream of being in the Alamo. The two wars coincides with eachother and developed into a meaningful story of&nbsp; horror&nbsp; love. Respect and the dream to be happy and get home safe. Amazing tale that is based on true events. Different then other Vietnam war books. And written by, Phil Ferrazano.&nbsp; Holder of the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for valor awards. And author of, Facing the Wall: An Infantryman's Post Vietnam Memoir.</p>

Busy with Music and book - June 14, 2018

<p>Visit my book, Facing The Wall,&nbsp;at: or email me at <a href=""></a> on how to purchase from me while I have a supply.</p>
<p>Alamo Joe, visit,</p>
<p>My six song music CD, Vietnam Remembered, visit.</p>

New Book! Alamo Joe. Visit on Kindle version too. - June 12, 2018

<p>The tale is fiction based on true events. Soldiers battle in Cambodia, during the Invasion of 1970. Joe Alamenzo is a Radio Telephone Operator ( Head RTO)&nbsp;trying to hold it all together. He dreams when he can to escape what's going on all around him. He winds up in the Alamo of all places. It's cool, he meets Crockett, Bowie and a beautiful woman named Rosa. The battles intersect&nbsp;in this story of courage, love and war. A twist at every battle either in the hot jungles or the dusty Alamo. Alamo Joe,&nbsp;order on, create space. Author, Phil Ferrazano.</p>

Music Video - February 18, 2011

Bobby's Saigon Boogie made into a music dvd.

Next stop is Vietnam is released - July 21, 2010

great music put together by Bear Family Records. A leader in Box sets. 300 songs 300 plus page color book explains the artist and songs. History of the war.This a complete must have music box set, It's well done like all Bear Family Box Sets. It's great.

New Record Project - March 16, 2010

I signed on with Bear Family Records, Germany. ( to have my song, "Saigon Boogie," added to their 13 CD Box set. Will be released in June/July 2010. "Next Stop Is Vietnam," is the title. Others named artists include, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Tim Hardin, Bruce Springteen, The Doors, Ernest Tubbs, Glen Campbell, Country Joe and the Fish, Country Joe, The Fugs, Plastic Ono Band, Pete Seeger--and Vietnam Veteran singer/songwriters.

Book Signing - May 22, 2009

Recently returned from Vietnam Vet reunion in Melbourne. The team of Dr. Scott Fairchild has bought more attention to my book, Facing The Wall. This Memorial Day please honor those who have made the altimate sacifice..thanks, Phil Ferrazano

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