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Phil Ferrazano: News

VA long fights - July 10, 2014

With all the news about the VA, the vets don't feel this is new news. In fact it has been a disgrace for many years and some veterans of any war, have been treated badly. The way you are greeted by some who work there should also be fired. We are the clients. We pored our guts and blood out on battle fields to come home and to be degraded by some who wouldn't endured what we did. I'm sad to sad my experiences have been horrible. I'm so mad at myself for letting some get away with what they did to me. I'm willing to stand and fight again and expose much of what has happened to me. My book takes you on some of that bad ride. It was a start in opening eyes on the VA. Guess I knew it years ago, when I started to write the book--or I wouldn't have written it. It was anger and mistreatment that triggered my emotions. Take a peak at my book. If you are a hurting vet or a family member of a vet--this book may help. Those who have read the book, have expressed that to me. I'm gearing up for another VA struggle at 64 years old. Never quit when you are right. Only you know. Working on another story now. Fiction based on true events. Thanks for the wedsite visit. Phil Ferrazano

Music Video - February 18, 2011

Bobby's Saigon Boogie made into a music dvd.

Next stop is Vietnam is released - July 21, 2010

great music put together by Bear Family Records. A leader in Box sets. 300 songs 300 plus page color book explains the artist and songs. History of the war.This a complete must have music box set, It's well done like all Bear Family Box Sets. It's great.

Bright House Senior Idol Talent Contest - March 16, 2010

Phil Ferrazano, made it to the final round of the, Bright House Senior Idol Contest. To perform at Ruth Eckerd Hall, In Clearwater, Fl. April 1, 2010. 7pm. Voting can be done by visiting., between April 7-21. Will be aired on Ch. 340 from April 7-May 7.

New Record Project - March 16, 2010

I signed on with Bear Family Records, Germany. ( to have my song, "Saigon Boogie," added to their 13 CD Box set. Will be released in June/July 2010. "Next Stop Is Vietnam," is the title. Others named artists include, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Tim Hardin, Bruce Springteen, The Doors, Ernest Tubbs, Glen Campbell, Country Joe and the Fish, Country Joe, The Fugs, Plastic Ono Band, Pete Seeger--and Vietnam Veteran singer/songwriters.

SUMMER SALE - June 26, 2009

Get the book, Facing The Wall, THE music CD and includes the postage and handling--all this summer for $20,00 Mail check to Phil Ferrazano
1472 Canterbury Dr.
Clearwater, Fl 33756. Orders filled when check arrives. Thank You.

Book Signing - May 22, 2009

Recently returned from Vietnam Vet reunion in Melbourne. The team of Dr. Scott Fairchild has bought more attention to my book, Facing The Wall. This Memorial Day please honor those who have made the altimate sacifice..thanks, Phil Ferrazano

Busy with Music and book - January 26, 2008

I hope we all have a happy new year and we accomplish at least some of our goals. For me it's another year of music gigs and promoting my book. My aim is to reach as many Veterans as I can to help with coping with their struggles. My book tells of my life story but it's every veterans story. I hope this year I can get another book started. As a veteran I understand the fight continues as long as we have wounded men and woman returning home from war.

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