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Phil Ferrazano: Music

in New Box set coming out in Summer of 2010. Phil signed on with Bear Family Records. The project called. Next Stop Is Vietnam.

(Phil Ferrazano)
June, 2010

Bobby's Saigon Boogie on You Tube

(Phil Ferrazano)
June 27, 2011
Phil Ferrazano, video by Kick Me Productions

Bobby's Saigon Boogie on 6 song CD, as well as on box set, Next stop is Vietnam

(Phil Ferrazano)
September 16, 2016
Phil Ferrazano

Order through, Bear Family Records or other online music stores: Next stop is Vietnam, Bear Family Records is out and ready to order

(Phil Ferrazano, many famous artists, vet singers as well.)
July 1, 2010
Bear Family Records, Germany

" Vietnam Remembered, Songs from the Heart. Six song cd by, Phil.To Buy Cd go to CD Baby!

(Vietnam Remembered: Songs From The Heart, By Phil Ferrazano)

Facing The Wall

Touching Your Name

Angels On A Wall

Bobby's Saigon Boogie

Mekong River

Sons and Daughters