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Phil Ferrazano: Music

in New Box set coming out in Summer of 2010. Phil signed on with Bear Family Records. The project called. Next Stop Is Vietnam.

(Phil Ferrazano)
June, 2010
Phil's song was added because it showed the lighter side of war. A wounded soldier in the barrecks alone, gets his pay and heads to Saigon. Meets bar girl and gets up and plays guitar with the house band. The country boy remembers the war but also how he felt like a king that day when playing guitar. The song as a rock, boogie beat. The words are interesting and soon will be made into a music Video by Kick Me Productions, Palm Harbor Fl
Bobby's Saigon Boogie out on new box set. Bear Family Records has released, " Next Stop Is Vietnam: The War on Record 1961-2008.
Various artist make up this 13-disc set along with parade dress quality book. Rolling Stone Magizine has rated it in the Top 10 of, Best Reissies of the Year 2010.